Praying For Students

A 31 Day Prayer Guide to Help You Pray for Your Student

Start the year off right by praying for

your student the first 31 days of school

Starting school brings a lot of change for your student. It brings a host of new influences, opportunities, and temptations for your student. They meet new friends, are affected by new teachers, and exposed to new influences both good and bad.

It’s a sad truth, but many schools and teachers are no longer supportive of traditional Christian values. Some schools are even hostile toward Christians.

Even when our children attend Christian schools, they are still exposed to influences from other students.

The truth is, every day you send your student out into a war zone. Schools are spiritual battlegrounds where a Christian student’s faith is challenged daily.

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Join parents around the world praying for their students

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Praying for Student is Free

Praying for Students is a 31-day prayer guide delivered to your inbox every day. It’s provided free of charge as a ministry of the National Prayer Room

What Ministries are Saying

Talking and listening are the most basic relational elements to grow in intimacy and knowledge of another. With God, we call it prayer, but often we struggle to have a meaningful, daily, conversation with our Creator and Savior, especially as it relates to praying for one’s family members. I appreciate the work of Billy Taylor and the National Prayer Room to create practical and meaningful prayer tools to guide intercession for husbands, wives, and students. I have used them and would recommend them to all.

Mike Thibodeaux, Simplicity Ministries

One of the greatest privileges we have as believers is to pray for one another. Praying for Students makes praying easy. It provides scriptures to pray over the students, reminders to pray for them, and an easy way to encourage students throughout the week. It can also be used to bridge the generation gap within churches by encouraging the old and young to grow more like Christ together. As a former student pastor, I will definitely be using Praying for Students!

Justin Moss, Senior Pastor
Memorial Baptist Church
Killeen, TX

In Praying For Student You Will Receive

  • A daily email reminding you to pray
  • A topic to pray for your student each day
  • A scriptures to claim for your student
  • A daily sample prayer to help you get started
  • A cut-and-paste message to your student

Praying for Students Topics

Physical Protection
Develop Christian Friends
Personal Devotion Time
Pray for Teachers
They are God’s Workmanship
Self Control
Love God’s Word
Victory Over Temptation
Covenant with Their Eyes
Do What is Right
Commit to Purity
Grow in the Lord
God Has a Plan for Them
Develop Integrity
God Can Use Them
Not fall to Peer Pressure
Kind in Their Speech
Live Honestly
Give Them A Pure Heart
Do Their Best Academically

Plus Many More

Take The Praying for Students Challenge

Learn to pray for your student consistently and effectively

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