Prayer Topics

Below is a list of the topics to be prayed through during the course of Praying For Students. This list is subject to change as needed.

1.  They Will Not Be Overcome With Fear

2.  Pray For Physical Protection

3.  They Will Develop Christian Friends

4.  Pray For Their Teachers

5.  They Will Develop A Personal Devotional Time

6.  Make A Covenant With Their Eyes

7.  See Themselves As God’s Workmanship

8.  Develop Love For God’s Word

9.  Victory Over Temptation

10. Pray For The School Administration

11. Develop Self Control

12. Do Their Best Academically

13. Realize God Can Use Them

14. Courage To Do What Is Right

15. Pray They Will Grow In The Lord

16. Commit To Purity

17. Give Them An Opportunity To Minister

18. Help Them Learn The Word Of God

19. See That God Has A Plan For Them

20. Develop A Heart Of Integrity

21. Wisdom In Dealing With Anti-Christian Teaching.

22. Call Out To The Lord In Their Difficulty

23. Not Fall To Social Pressure

24. Make A Stand For Christ

25. Develop A Respectful Spirit

26. Give Them A Pure Heart

27. Be Kind In Their Speech

28. Live Honestly

29. Be Consistent In Prayer

30. Be Strong In Their Convictions

31. Love The Lord With All Their Heart