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Pay It Forward

Your Gift Keeps Praying for Students Going

Every day we send out hundreds of email to parents, grandparents and student leader around the world who are learning to pray for their students. When I wrote “Praying for Students” I made a commitment to provide this resource free of charge to anyone who wanted to pray for their child.

A few years ago my son worked at Starbucks. He would tell me stories of people who would “Pay it forward.” They would come to the drive-through, and when they paid, they would pay for the person’s order behind them. Sometimes this generosity would continue for 5, sometimes 10 people.

Through the support of others, “Praying for Students” was made available to you. Why not help cover the cost of those who will sign up later today or tomorrow?

Your gift will make it possible for others to go through “Praying for Students without cost.

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