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About the Author

Billy Taylor founded the National Prayer Room. For over 30 years Billy Taylor has been ministering the gospel in the United States and Internationally. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. Billy has served as Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor in various churches in Texas and Oklahoma. He is the former Executive Director of the International Worship Institute.

He is an anointed teacher who is know for his passion, creativity, and his ability to communicate the truth of God’s Word in an easy to understand manner. He has ministered across the United States and in nine countries. He is a native Texan living in Fort Worth, Texas.

Billy is the author of “Praying for Your Wife,” a six-week guide teaching men how to pray for their wives. He is a writer and Christian speaker helping Christians experience all God has for them.

To schedule Billy Taylor to speak to your church, contact him at 817.733.6405

Who is Praying for Students?

Praying for Students is a ministry of the National Prayer Room. The purpose of Praying for Students is to encourage parents and student leaders to pray daily for their students.

The mission of the National Prayer Room is to encourage prayer in the lives of followers of Christ and to mobilize them to pray for personal and national spiritual awakening. We are not about politics, personalities, denominations, or dogmas. We are simply focused on encouraging Christians to pray.

By using the Internet and social media, our goal is to mobilize thousands of Christians across the country to set aside their differences and begin praying.

For too long Christians have been divided. We disagree about many things, but we can agree that prayer is the pathway to opening the doors of heaven. We can all agree that our nation is in deep need of revival and renewal.

The National Prayer Room is about bringing Christians together to pray. By encouraging people to pray on a specific day of the week, and then joining together on specific days of the week, we believe God will answer and bring about a spiritual awakening across the country.
Every major revival has begun with prayer; the next awakening will be no different. Our mission not only encourages Christians to pray but to provides resources that enable them to grow in their personal prayer life.


Tarrant Baptist Association, Ft Worth, Texas – David Bowman, Director
Life Connection Church, Euless, Texas – Royal Farris, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Colleyville, Texas – Craig Etheredge, Pastor
Prayercare – Teen Goble, Director
Vintage Church – Mark Aduddell, Pastor

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